Make a Room Stand Out with an Accent Wall!

Want to spice up a room? Add an accent wall! As professional painting contractors, we fully appreciate their value. A wall painted in a contrasting color to the other walls is an excellent way to add interest or highlight a feature, such as a fireplace or a view. And accent walls are more popular than ever! Here are our expert tips for painting one in your home.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is the star of the room. It’s a wall painted or finished in a different color or style from the other walls. For example, three walls are painted off-white. The fourth wall is trimmed out and painted in dark gray, making it the accent wall. When you walk into that room, the eye is immediately drawn to it.  


Picking an accent wall.

When you walk into the room, is there a prominent wall? To create an accent wall, consider wall configuration, furniture placement, and any design features, like a fireplace or picture window with a nice view. The accent wall is usually, but not always, the first wall you see when you walk into a room.

In a bedroom, the highlight wall might be the wall behind the headboard and bed. 

In a living room, it’s not always as obvious. You might use a wall with prominent architectural features like a fireplace or built-in cabinetry or the wall behind a sofa. 


Selecting wall colors:

Once you’ve identified an ideal wall to be the accent wall, it’s time to pick a color. 

The accent wall should contrast or stand out from the other wall colors.It should not clash with other colors in the space.Think out of the box! Go bold and select a paint (or wallpaper) that’s a big contrast to the other wall color in the room.If you’re not ready to be bold, start with the current wall color but select one several shades darker or lighter.  To make the accent wall more interesting, add new trim molding to create a paneled wall style. 

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